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About Us

Broad AgroFoods International

About Us


At BroadFoods, We are passionate about women empowerment and have a mission to change the way people are fed in Africa by providing high quality and affordable processed foods for children and adults. We produce and package a wide range of affordable dried homemade cereals, grains, fruits, vegetables and spices that serve as a base to make a variety of yummy, nutritious and fast meals; proudly African tastes while improving the livelihoods of farmers in the region and providing FREE meals monthly to Charitable homes in order to meet our #zero hunger food initiative.
We feed a child for every pack we sell. This is our Cause which we are fully committed to support children in our #zeroHunger Initiative.

Who we are


We started BroadFoods in order to fight malnutrition and poverty by processing organic produce directly from local farms and process them. The year was 2017.
Our Goal: The goal is to provide a service where livelihoods of local farmers are improved and Africans can get quality and affordable foods to fight malnutrition in children and process African food for global acceptance and consumption without loosing it’s natural nutrients.
We can be able to access the freshest organic items and process them hygienically and sell them at an affordable price to our customers.
We’ve spent the past few years building a business and service that we love. A service that has provided more employment to several unemployed women and has provided free nutritious meals to children in orphanages and charity homes.

Our Mission

To cultivate and process African food for global acceptance and consumption without loosing it’s natural nutrients and contributing our quota to end hunger .

Our Impact

100+ Women – Empowered financially through Job Creation
40,000+ Children – Nutritional status enhanced
2 Countries – Our reach across Africa
20 States – Our reach within Nigeria
80,000+- Mentored in our community

Our Cause

For Every Pack you buy, you feed a child



WE DONATE 20% of our profits to provide quality foods to homeless and undernourished children in orphanages and charity homes

We want to provide fortified food items produced by broadfoods to save children from hunger in Nigeria

We are providing employment to hundreds of unemployed women and widows in southwest nigeria in our processing factory and farms